Become a FIRST volunteer!

Volunteers make a difference. Volunteers make FIRST programs possible. Who volunteers for FIRST? People like you!

We currently need more volunteers – both non-technical and technical – for our upcoming event: 

2017 FIRST Robotics Competition – Greater Pittsburgh Regional, March 15-16-17-18 (Wed – Sat) at the Convocation Center, California University of PA.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please register online here (FIRST VIMS=Volunteer Info Management System).  When you register, please select “Greater Pittsburgh Regional” and a volunteer role – that’s important for us to be able to contact you. If you’re not sure, choose “Assign as Needed”.  (If you don’t select an event and a role, we won’t be able to see your volunteer application for the event.) You’ll be able to add a note about your interests & talents, your availability, and what you’d like to do.

To learn more, contact our volunteer coordinator at FIRSTPittsburghVolunteers@gmail.com or via our  contact us page.  Learn more about volunteer roles here.

This year, it’s especially important to register on line as early as possible. To keep our event (and all FIRST events) safe for our youth participants, FIRST will do background screening on all volunteers. This year, PA databases (Criminal History and Child Abuse report history) will be searched in addition to national databases. That will take a little longer, but will help to ensure that our event will be safe. So – if you’re thinking about volunteering with us, please register, choose our event (Greater Pittsburgh) and be sure to apply for a role (“assign as needed” if you’re not sure). Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you. Thank you!

More about volunteering with FIRST:

FIRST changes lives, and it’s an amazing thing to see and be a part of. Whether a volunteer is moving game pieces to reset the field between matches, keeping visitors and teams safe by handing out safety glasses, making sure that the teams are ‘on deck’ for the next match, being a referee or a tech troubleshooter, or artfully capturing a teamwork-moment to share online – there’s a volunteer role for everyone, and we just can’t do it without our volunteers. And we need lots of volunteers for FIRST events!

Who are our volunteers? FIRST volunteers include: community leaders, employees of sponsors, teachers, parents, university students and faculty, FIRST alumni and friends, neighbors, and fans – people like you! Whether you’re available for the events or year-round, there’s a place where you can help, either for the regional organization or for one of your local teams. Find out more about volunteer positions (FRC) and  contact us. Thank you!

Thank you !! to all volunteers for our Kickoff event and for past regional events. You make FIRST possible – thank you!