Welcome to the Pittsburgh FIRST® website!  You can find information here about upcoming events in the Western & Central Pennsylvania region, information for teams (and how to start a team!) along with contact information.  We hope you find what you’re looking for here, but if you don’t please tell us so that we can make this site more useful to you.

Next event! 

The SCRA Fall Workshop Day will be held on Sunday November 23, 2014 at CMU.  While the schedule is still being finalized (and thus even this time might change), please plan on attending starting at approximately noon and it should run throughout the afternoon.  Stay tuned for more information both here and on emails going out to the teams.

The preliminary schedule for the Workshop Day can be found here: SCRA 2014 Fall Workshops Schedule – Sheet1 (3)



Thanks to teams, volunteers, sponsors, friends and fans who helped to make the 2014 Greater Pittsburgh Regional a success!

View photos from the 2014 regional competition on the CalU Flickr stream

If you have a time-critical question that isn’t readily answered on this site, please call our Regional Help Line at 724-997-1578.  This will connect you to one of the Regional Planning Committee members who will help you with the issue.  (Please note that after you give your name it will return to ringing while the RPC member is being connected.  This is an attribute of this number being a Google-based phone number.  Please don’t hang up — your call is indeed going through.)

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